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‘Member When? – Epidsode 4 – Internet and Technology Memories

This week's episode of 'Member When? is a mixed bag of memories and stories from our earlier years with the Internet and computers in general. We branch off into discussions about phones and other pieces of tech as well as we get a little off-topic with some computer games and things we used to play.

‘Member When? – Episode 3 – Original Xbox

This week's episode of 'Member When? is all about the original Xbox and our memories of playing this behemoth. You'll hear stories about some of our favourite games, thoughts on the innovation of the systems, Xbox Live, the console's short lifespan, and tons more!

‘Member When? – Episode 2 – Video Rental Store Memories

In our second weekly episode of the 'Member When? Podcast, Austin and I discuss our memories of frequenting video rental stores during our childhood. We talk what it was like, some of our fun memories, annoying late fees, what contributed to their demise and tons more!

‘Member When? – Episode 1 – Beast Wars

The first episode in this series takes us back to the 90s with the Transformers spin-off Beast Wars. We talk about what we remember from the show, the toys, cancelled episodes, and much more!

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