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Xbox Game Pass Expands To Include New Releases From Microsoft Studios

A major update is coming to the Xbox Game Pass that will allow players to play the latest exclusive games from Microsoft Studios on their release date. Find out more inside!

Ryse: Son of Rome – E3 2013 Gameplay Demo

Here's an 8 minute gameplay demo for the newest game from Crytek, Ryse: Son of Rome. Ryse will be an Xbox One exclusive and...

Sunset Overdrive – E3 2013 Teaser Trailer

Insomniac Games will be releasing a game exclusively for the Xbox One for the first time ever and this drops you in an open-world...

Kinect Sports Rivals – E3 2013 Announce Trailer

The next generation of Kinect Sports titles are here and this one is doing something a little different. Launching in November, Kinect Sports Rivals is...

Killer Instinct – E3 2013 Briefing Trailer

It's baaackkk! After nearly a decade, the popular fighting franchise returns to Xbox One with the Killer Instinct characters and combos that revolutionized fighting games....

Project Spark – E3 2013 Intro Trailer

If you've ever played LittleBigPlanet, the premise of Project Spark will be easily recognizable to you. This game allows you to create your own...

Halo 4 – Majestic Map Pack ViDoc

While Sony is busy announcing everything under the sun, Microsoft has come out and given us a glimpse of the new Majestic Map Pack...

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