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10/9/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – The SHIELD Reunites/Sister Abigail/Neville

The 10/9/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features my thoughts about the Neville situation, The SHIELD reuniting, Sister Abigail, and much more.

10/2/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Old Lady Mickie/Sister Abigail/SHIELD

The 10/2/2017 WWE Raw features my thoughts on the Mickie James storyline, a SHIELD reunion, Kalisto joining 205 Live, and much more.

9/25/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Double Turn/Jeff’s Injury/SHIELD Tease

The 9/25/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features our thoughts on the big SHIELD tease, the new Cruiserweight Division storyline, and much more.

6/26/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Ball Family on MizTV/Women’s Gauntlet Match

The 6/26/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features our thoughts on the horrible MizTV segment with the Ball Family, the Women's Gauntlet Match, and much more!

6/12/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Brock/Joe, Cass Attacked Again

The 6/12/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features the first confrontation between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar as well as my view on the state of the Women's Division.

6/5/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Joe Chokes Out Heyman!

The 6/5/2017 WWE Raw features my thoughts on Joe choking out Heyman, the use of Bray Wyatt, and the Enzo and Cass attacker storyline!

5/29/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Bayley: This Is Your Life

The 5/29/2017 WWE Raw featured Alexa Bliss doing a This is Your Life segment for Bayley as well as two big main event matches ahead of Extreme Rules!

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