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FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #7 – Streets of Bucharest

A datachip with the location of Posidon must be recovered and gotten to R to learn it's secrets. Bond takes to the streets in a fancy car before eventually losing that jumping a river. However, his wheels after that are much, MUCH better.

FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #2 – Precious Cargo

Bloch's men are after Bond and agent Nightshade. In an on-rails level, Bond has to basically blow up anything related to Bloch and his men as they try and chase Bond and Nightshade through the city on their way to the Identicon factory.

FYIG Plays…#2 – Mario Kart: Double Dash – Mushroom Cup Gameplay

I purchased a Gamecube a few weeks ago for the great price of $30. I had always wanted to buy one and yet, I...

Magazine Monday #7 – Nintendo Power Issue #145 – June 2001

The great Nintendo Power is scheduled to end its great run later this year and today, we're going to relive one of those great...

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