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Magazine Rack – Nintendo Power Issue #88 – September 1996

Nintendo Power Issue #88 features the newly-released (at the time) Nintendo 64. Check out the features on the system itself and all the new games at the time like Pilotwings 64 and Super Mario 64!

8-BIT Retro Rap Video Tells True Story of Wordburglar’s Legendary Nintendo Power Hi-Score.

One hot summer, in a time before the internet, an aspiring young video gamer set out to achieve the first Nintendo Power Hi-Score for a somewhat obscure game called “NARC’. He did it, and his Hi-Score was listed in Volume 23 of the classic Nintendo Power magazine.

Magazine Rack – Nintendo Power Issue #61 – June 1994

This edition of the Magazine Rack features Nintendo Power Issue #61 from June 1994. Hit the jump to see the first details about Clayfighter: Tournament Edition and much more.

Magazine Rack – Nintendo Power #163 – December 2002

Nintendo Power #163 features a comic about Kirby, big features on Metroid Prime, Metroid Fusion, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, and a whole lot more!

Magazine Monday – Nintendo Power Issue #6 – May/June 1989

Today we have a blast from the past for Magazine Monday with Nintendo Power Issue #6. In this issue, you'll see games like Teenage...

Magazine Monday #44 – Nintendo Power Issue #116 – January 1999

It's a shame that Nintendo Power is gone after so many years, looking through this old issues really makes you understand how great of...

Magazine Monday #41 – Nintendo Power Issue #39 – August 1992

Here's the next edition of Magazine Monday, this time from 1992. In this issue of Nintendo Power, you'll see features on Mario Paint, CES...

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