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This Week in WWE – Raw (8/1/16)

It was a jam-packed Raw (8/1/16) this week with a bunch of stuff taking place. We'll talk about the Sasha/Charlotte feud, Brock/Orton, Mixed Tag...

This Week in WWE: Raw Reaction – 9/2/2013

Big Show is faced with some tough decisions, the Total Divas get their revenge, and Cody Rhodes gets pushed out the door in this...

This Week in WWE #13 – Cesaro, Ryback, Kofi, Heyman, Punk & More

This week in WWE we talk about Antonio Cesaro's push, Kofi's title win, Heyman enhancing Punk's character and so much more! Antonio Cesaro has risen...

This Week in WWE #11 – Punk, Team Hell No, AJ, Big Show &...

This week in WWE was a CM Punk filled affair with three tv main events! AJ gets coached, Bryan and Kane become stale, and...

This Week In WWE #1 – Punk Turn, Raw 1000, DX & More!

Welcome to a new streamlined WWE opinion piece that can be read every week here on FYIG. The articles will consist of RAW, Smackdown,...

WWE Raw Reaction – 6/18/2012

Mrs. Foley's baby boy was the GM on Raw this week, did he do anything spectacular with the power? Find out here! Sorry for the...

WWE Raw Reaction 5/14/2012

It was an interesting night on Raw with plenty happening but, the SHOW isn't going to be that BIG anymore. We started out the night...

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