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‘Member When? – Epidsode 4 – Internet and Technology Memories

This week's episode of 'Member When? is a mixed bag of memories and stories from our earlier years with the Internet and computers in general. We branch off into discussions about phones and other pieces of tech as well as we get a little off-topic with some computer games and things we used to play.

FYIG Chats With Hosts of CBC’s Personal Best, Rob Norman and Andrew Norton

Celebrate the small victories in life with Rob and Andrew as they take you through how the came up with their podcast, "Personal Best" on CBC Podcasts!

Leafs Nation Weekly #11 – Game 1 Victory!

This edition of Leafs Nation Weekly features my thoughts on a complete Game #1 performance against the Bruins and what it will take to win Game #2!

Leafs Nation Weekly #10 – On the Cusp of a Playoff Run

This week's edition of Leafs Nation Weekly focuses on the last up and down couple of weeks, players soon to return from injury, bad defensive effort, another Playoff matchup against the Bruins, and resting players ahead of the Playoff run.

Leafs Nation Weekly #8 – Western Canadian Road Swing, Budget Signings

This week's edition of Leafs Nation Weekly is a short one with my thoughts on the bounce-back game against the Sabres, our Western Canadian road swing, the play of Frederik Andersen, Marner's 82 points so far, and budget signings by Kyle Dubas.

Leafs Nation Weekly #6 – Splitting The Road Trip, Injuries

The sixth episode of Leafs Nation Weekly features my thoughts on Toronto's recent road trip, referees getting in the way of a play, injuries, trade targets, and much more!

Leafs Nation Weekly #5 – Back on Track, Matthews Extension

The fifth edition of Leafs Nation Weekly features my thoughts about the 4 games the Leafs have played in the last week with a slow start against Detroit rolling into 3 wins over Pittsburgh, Anaheim, and Ottawa. I'll also talk a little bit about the Auston Matthews extension and the Leafs options moving forward with a Mitch Marner contract looming.

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