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RetroStalgia Plays Crash Bandicoot Part # 5 – Upstream

Time to travel up river. Jumping from logs to leaves and across plants, it could almost be like a game of Frogger! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxUMa36o9gQ

RetroStalgia Plays Crash Bandicoot Part #4 – Boulders

Probably our most annoying level yet, despite the short run time. One of the levels where instead of making the way to the exit, you are fleeing something that is just as fast as you so if you dawdle too long, you'll get squished.

RetroStalgia Plays Crash Bandicoot Part #1 – N. Sanity Beach

Time for a new game. The first Crash Bandicoot game this time. Not really that much to say. The game doesn't provide any backstory when you start. We will be doing a quasi-completionist run. An attempt will be made for the video to 100% a level. Failing that, we will go back off-camera to ensure a 100% on each level.

RetroStalgia Plays Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider Part #18 – Time Turner

This is it. The second bonus level and the one that allows us to 100% the game. Another time travel based on, I think we managed to fluke our way through part of it due to how and where we died a couple of times.
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PlayStation Announces New PlayStation Plus Tiers

PlayStation President and CEO Jim Ryan announced a new tier system for PlayStation Plus today on the PlayStation Blog as well as the retiring...

RetroStalgia Plays Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider Part #17 – White Water Sheep

First of two bonus/hidden levels. Despite some bickering as to the solution, we do eventually figure it out as we always do. Guide use...

RetroStalgia Plays Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider Part #15 – Rock Steady

All aboard! Hop on the train and take a ride. This puzzle has us scratching our heads a bit. Sam has to be tricked like normal. But of course, it can't just be like last time. Now we have to lure Sam away, steal the sheep, get the sheep on the train, beat the train so that we can retrieve the sheep, and finally hit Sam on the head with a rock.

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