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WWE Raw Reaction – 6/25/2012

The on-going saga between Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, and AJ continues on this week's edition of Raw! AJ is the first thing we see...

WWE Raw Reaction – 6/18/2012

Mrs. Foley's baby boy was the GM on Raw this week, did he do anything spectacular with the power? Find out here! Sorry for the...

Raw Reaction – 6/11/2012

Did Laurinaitis get fired? How was the crowd reaction to Vince McMahon being back in a WWE ring? Find out here! Sorry about the hiatus,...

WWE Raw Reaction – 5/28/2012

Big Show is on a rampage in this week's edition of WWE Raw! The Big Show starts out the show with a typical poor me...

WWE Raw Reaction – 5/21/12

The Big Show explains his actions at WWE Over The Limit while John Cena gets more than he bargains for. The show begins with John...

WWE Raw Reaction 5/14/2012

It was an interesting night on Raw with plenty happening but, the SHOW isn't going to be that BIG anymore. We started out the night...