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Spider-Man PS1

RetroStalgia Plays Spider-Man Part #17 – Spidey vs. Carnage

Next to last video. A fight against Carnage. Fairly simple actually. Knock him into the middle, let him get hurt by the sonic generators, rinse, repeat.
Spidey vs. Venom Again

RetroStalgia Plays Spider-Man (PS1) Part #10 – Spidey vs. Venom Again

The tenth video in our Spider-Man gameplay series features Spidey going up against Venom yet again!

RetroStalgia Plays Spider-Man (PS1) Part #6 – Sewer Entrance/Sewer Cavern

Having "defeated" (?) Venom in the last video, now we are off again chasing him. This time through the sewers. Yuck. Oh, and we get a nice introduction to The Lizard's creations which try and stop Spidey throughout the video.

RetroStalgia Plays Spider-Man (PS1) Part #3 – Police Chopper Chase

We just saved J.J.J. and he decides to send the police after Spider-Man! So now Spider-Man must evade the apparently military-grade helicopters that the NYPD have. Seriously, what are the police thinking just shooting rockets at buildings?

RetroStalgia Plays Spider-Man (PS1) Part #2 – Race To The Bugle

Scorpion is after Jameson. Spiderman must make it to the Daily Bugle before Scorpion can hurt J.J.J. and save him.

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