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RetroStalgia Plays Star Fox 64 Part #8 – Andross

This is it. The final video. We have finally reached Andross. But it isn't as simple as it may seem. He has a true form that he finally reveals. It isn't going to be an easy fight. Although getting away after beating him may prove to be the hardest thing so far.

RetroStalgia Plays Star Fox 64 Part #7 – Venom

The first and only time facing Star Wolf in the hard route, we finally lose a wingman. Falco of all people. But otherwise make pretty quick work of the enemy.

RetroStalgia Plays Star Fox 64 Part #6 – Area 6

Final approach to Venom. But of course there are multiple lines of defense. The hardest level so far. Although I'm sure that will change in the next two videos. We end up getting blown up a few times before the start of this video and somehow miraculously make it through with everyone intact.

RetroStalgia Plays Star Fox 64 Part #5 – Sector Z

The Great Fox is under attack! Team Star Fox, with help from the mysterious Katt, must stave off incoming fighters to defend her. But the attackers show that's not the only thing Andross's army has up their sleeve when giant missiles are launched at The Great Fox.

RetroStalgia Plays Star Fox 64 Part #4 – Zoness

A toxic waste planet. Seems like every established style of universe has a planet just to dump trash on. While a bit disappointed there was no landmass, this fly-over of a toxic ocean was nice. The boss was most amusing as well.

RetroStalgia Plays Star Fox 64 Part #2 – Sector Y

The Cornerian army (navy?) is under attack in Sector Y and somehow getting their butts kicked (just like in the last video). Really makes you question the effectiveness of the Cornerian army, navy, fleet, anything that goes into combat really.

RetroStalgia Plays Star Fox 64 Part #1 – Corneria

Starting a new video today. StarFox has been called to Corneria to assist the Corneria army in pushing back Andross' forces. Although how a small mercenary group is able to beat back a whole army is beyond me. But that's video game logic for you.

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