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NASCAR Heat 2 Review

Monster Games brought back the Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck series in their follow-up to last year's NASCAR Heat Evolution. Find out what we thought about the game in our NASCAR Heat 2 Review!

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 1 “Awake” Review

The Life is Strange series is back with a prequel to the popular first game. Find out if this prequel is worth playing through in our Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 1 "Awake" Review.

Windjammers Review

An arcade and Neo Geo classic has finally made its way to PS4! Find out what we thought about DotEmu's version in our Windjammers Review.

Madden NFL 18 Review

EA Tiburon brought their interactive story, Longshot to Madden. Does a story mode translate well to a sports game? Find out in our Madden NFL 18 Review.

The Initiate Review

Deceptive Games have plopped us inside a locked room inside a house with only a series of clues to find our way out. Find out how we fared in our The Initiate Review!

Hey! Pikmin Review

The Pikmin have finally landed on the Nintendo 3DS for the first time in the 16 year history of the series. Check out what we thought in our Hey! Pikmin Review!

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 – Shadows Review

After helping to thwart Hydra, Agent Phil Coulson was appointed as Director and tasked with rebuilding the agency. By his side are Agent Melinda...

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