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The Last Guardian Review

It seems like ages ago when we first laid our eyes on the successor to Shadow of Colossus. Will The Last Guardian be worth the lengthy wait? Find out inside!

The Tomorrow Children Review

The Tomorrow Children is a brand-new crafting game for the PlayStation 4. Can this game stand out from far more popular games like Minecraft or is this game destined to fall into "The Void"?

Knack Review

With the new consoles launching, there really haven't been many new IPs. Most of the launch titles that have come out are from existing series. The one new title for the PlayStation 4 happens to be Knack, the mysterious new title from SCE Japan Studio and PS4 architect Mark Cerny. Will this new IP be a system seller for the PS4 or is this one a dud?

Puppeteer – TGS 2012 Trailer

Here's a new trailer from the 2012 Tokyo Game Show for the upcoming game, Puppeteer showing a bit of the story and dangers that...

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