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Magazine Rack – Next Generation #1 – January 1995

This edition of Magazine Rack features Next Generation #1 from January 1995. Included in this issue is an interview with 3DO co-founder Trip Hawkins, write-ups on the numerous new consoles and add-ons of the era, and even some features on video game violence and arcade games!

Magazine Rack – Electronic Gaming Monthly #83 – June 1996

This edition of the Magazine Rack features Electronic Gaming Monthly #83 from June 1996. This issue features a showdown of the 3 big gaming mascots of the time, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, and Sonic. It also features a comparison of the Sega Saturn hardware from the US and Japan. Check it out inside!

Magazine Monday #49 – Official Sega Saturn Magazine Issue #30 – April 1998

Here's a look back at some Sega Saturn goodness from 1998 which ironically proved to be the end of the Saturn. In this issue...

Magazine Monday #47 – Official Sega Saturn Magazine Issue #12 – October 1996

Sega Saturn had it's fair share of negative criticism which eventually led to its early demise but, it's always nice to look back on...

Magazine Monday #38 – Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 86 – September 1996

Here's our 38th edition of Magazine Monday and today we're taking you back to 1996. Check out some great hits from PlayStation, Saturn, and...

Magazine Monday #37 – Official Sega Saturn Magazine UK Issue #16 – February 1997

Here's our 37th edition of Magazine Monday. This time we'll be taken a look back at the Sega Saturn through the official UK magazine....

Magazine Monday #33 – Maximum: The Video Game Magazine Issue #7 – 1996

Check out this issue of Maximum from 1996 with a distinct N64 flavour reviewing games such as Super Mario 64, Pilotwings, and Super Mario...

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