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FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part #30 – Gnasty’s Loot

The final video for Spyro. Having beaten Gnasty and 100%'d the game, now we get access to the treasure level, an open flight style area with only 10 and 25 value gems.

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part #29 – Gnasty Gnorc

Finally facing Gnasty! Only one video to go after this and the series will be done. Honestly, a very underwhelming way to end the game. Gnasty wasn't much of a final boss.

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part # 28 – Twilight Harbor

Last video before facing Gnasty! Almost there. This level is full of gnorcs with guns. Including a few who apparently think they are Rambo.

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part #25 – Jacques

After some technical difficulties, this time we face Jacques, the most underwhelming boss in the first Spyro game. Honestly, getting to him was more annoying than he was. By a long shot.

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part #24 – Haunted Towers

Another castle floating in the sky, this one complete with reanimated knight armor. A sweet fairy kiss or a super charge is more than enough to deal with those. And don't forget to check out the secret area.
Spyro Dream Weavers

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon Part #21 – Dream Weavers

One of my personal favorites from a visual standpoint, we now advance to the Dream Weavers hub world. A cannon that makes big enemies small and small enemies big. What more could you want?
Spyro Part #14

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part #14 – Wizard Peak

Armored Druids, Green Wizards, and Elder Wizards summoning Ice Gnorcs (that seem to have a grudge against the druids). Plenty of enemies to deal with in this level. But there is also fun to be had with the supercharge ramps. Long-distance jumps that require fairly good timing. That's what awaits in Wizard Peak.

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