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FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #12 – Escape From Fest

During the battle at Taloraan, a group of commandos raided an Imperial facility on Fest and stole a trio of AT-PTs, Why they stole what appear to be the weakest things the Empire seems to have in its arsenal, I have no idea. Anyway, now it is up to Rogue Squadron to defend them so they can escape. This hardest level I've had to deal with so far. I swear the AT-PTs explode if an enemy even looks at them.

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part 11 – Battle Above Taloraan

In an attempt to disrupt the Empire's tibanna gas supply, Rogue Squadron, now back at full strength with Wedge having been rescued, goes to a refinery and storage plant located on the gas giant Taloraan to destroy stored gas marked for transport to the Empire.

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part 10 – Prisons of Kessel

While on the train, Wedge learned the Empire is keeping more rebel prisoners on Kessel. Who could have possibly guessed? So now Rogue Squadron is to escort and protect Crix Madine and his commandos as they take a shuttle to each prison complex and rescue those being held prisoner.

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #9 – Rescue on Kessel

An extremely short mission. Fire ion blasts at a hovertrain to rescue Wedge. Not really sure what else to say other than that.

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #8 – Assault on Kile II

Our first Y-Wing mission. The canyons of Kile II hold a large Imperial facility that supports the whole sector. Hidden among the canyons are a large barracks, spaceport, and sensor array.

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #7 – Imperial Construction Yards

Kasan Moor has informed the rebellion of an Imperial construction yard that produces AT-ATs and AT-ST. Rogue Squadron is to go in with SnowSpeeders (because AT-AT) and take out the factories. But first we have to take out ground scanners, because destroying the scanners totally doesn't cause alarm.

FYIG Plays Star Wars Rogue Squadron Part #6 – The Jade Moon

Lieutenant Moor has informed Rogue Squadron of a moon used by Imperial forces as a supply depot for their efforts in the region. Rogue Squadron will move in to cover General Madine as his ground troops "appropriate" some of those supplies.

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