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RapidX Prismo Wireless Charging Pad Review

RapidX has come out with an affordable 10w RGB wireless charging pad! Find out how it stacks up in our Prismo Wireless Charging Pad Review!

Top Ways Technology Has Improved Sport

The technology of today has improved many areas of our lives, even in areas like sports. Because it has happened so quickly, it has...

Introducing SmartCap: Wearable Tech That Tracks Trucker Tiredness

Imagine being able to put on a headband that tells you that you’re feeling sleepy. Well, as of last year, such technology is no longer science fiction.

‘Member When? – Epidsode 4 – Internet and Technology Memories

This week's episode of 'Member When? is a mixed bag of memories and stories from our earlier years with the Internet and computers in general. We branch off into discussions about phones and other pieces of tech as well as we get a little off-topic with some computer games and things we used to play.

Soundcast Announces the VG1

Soundcast, an award-winning manufacturer of high-performance wireless audio systems, today announces the debut of their latest premium personal audio unit, the VG1.

Tech Review – Nesta Headphones

Today, we have a review on a new line of headphones from House of Marley. We'll see if these Nesta headphones are worth taking a...

Introducing BauBax

Here at FYIG, we come across some cool pieces of technology to pass along from time to time. This week, I came across a...

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