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6/26/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Ball Family on MizTV/Women’s Gauntlet Match

The 6/26/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features our thoughts on the horrible MizTV segment with the Ball Family, the Women's Gauntlet Match, and much more!

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Analysis – Maria Returns, Corbin Wins MITB

The WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Analysis features our thoughts on the first-ever women's MITB Match, the debut of Maria and Mike, and much more!

6/13/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis – Tag Teams, Lana, MITB

TheĀ 6/13/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis features my thoughts on the Tag Team Division, Lana, and the Money in the Bank PPV.

6/12/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Brock/Joe, Cass Attacked Again

TheĀ 6/12/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features the first confrontation between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar as well as my view on the state of the Women's Division.

6/7/2017 WWE NXT Analysis – Itami Snaps, Roddy Eyes The Title

The 6/7/2017 WWE NXT analysis features my thoughts on Roderick Strong, Hideo Itami's potential heel turn, and a whole lot more!

6/6/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis – Lana Debuts, Corbin Dominates

The 6/6/2017 WWE SmackDown Live analysis features my thoughts on Lana's SmackDown debut, Baron Corbin's dominant night, and much more!

6/5/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Joe Chokes Out Heyman!

The 6/5/2017 WWE Raw features my thoughts on Joe choking out Heyman, the use of Bray Wyatt, and the Enzo and Cass attacker storyline!

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