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FYIG Plays Splashdown Rides Gone Wild

I recently dusted off my PlayStation 2 console to play a game that had always eluded me as a child. Check out what I thought about it inside as FYIG Plays Splashdown Rides Gone Wild!

Nordic Games Reincorporates to THQ Nordic

In a bit of surprising news today, Nordic Games is under-going a name change to THQ Nordic. They went on to say that there...

THQ Dissolved, Assets Divided to Number of Publishers

It has finally happened, THQ is no more as the once proud publisher has entered into many separate agreements to sell the vast majority...

Saints Row 2 Review

I've wanted to play the Saints' Row games since I saw the trailer for 'The Third' with its big pimp hats and death by dildo (unique selling point right there). I chose to start with the second game in the series as it was better received than it's predecessor.

THQ Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Selling Assets

We all knew this was coming with the dire situation that THQ has been in for sometime but, today the publisher announced that they...

Company of Heroes 2 – Multiplayer Trailer

Take a look at this mutliplayer trailer for Company of Heroes 2 and see how you can take the war right to your friends...

South Park: The Stick of Truth – Trailer #2

Here's a new trailer for South Park: The Stick of Truth that is due out next year on Xbox 360. If you're looking for...

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