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This Week in WWE #2 – 3 Hours, Tag-Teams, AJ & More!

New GMs, 3 hour Raw, and a very bothersome problem for the WWE are just some of the things discussed in This Week in...

This Week In WWE #1 – Punk Turn, Raw 1000, DX & More!

Welcome to a new streamlined WWE opinion piece that can be read every week here on FYIG. The articles will consist of RAW, Smackdown,...

WWE ’13 – New Features Trailer

WWE '13 is shaping up to be one of the best wrestling video game experiences we've seen in years and THQ has a brand new trailer showing everyone the new features.

Smackdown Rebound – 7/3/12 – Great American Bash Edition

Let's take a look a this week's Smackdown with a little bit of Great American Bash flavour after being revived as a pay per view and again retired.

WWE Smackdown Rebound – 6/29/2012

Was there a new World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown? Find out in this week's Smackdown Rebound! We get AJ vs. Layla first up on SD...

WWE Raw Reaction – 6/25/2012

The on-going saga between Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, and AJ continues on this week's edition of Raw! AJ is the first thing we see...

WWE Smackdown Rebound – 6/22/2012

Mick Foley is the guest-GM and Teddy Long is no longer serving for John Laurinaitis  on this week's edition of Smackdown! Teddy Long comes out...

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