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FYIG Plays Tony Hawk’s Underground Part 1 – New Jersey

I'm back with another edition of FYIG Plays! This time we're taking a look at 2003's Tony Hawk's Underground for the Xbox!

FYIG Plays Burnout 3: Takedown Part 4 – Focusing on Crash Mode

I continue my Burnout 3: Takedown playthrough this week with a lot more Crash events along with a few Road Rage and Races sprinkled in.

FYIG Plays NHL Hitz 2003 Part 3 – Taking Down Rome

The Ducks defeat The Gladiators! Check out all the action from Part 3 of our NHL Hitz 2003 playthrough right here!

FYIG Plays Burnout 3 Part 3 – A Rough Outing

In Part 3 of my Burnout 3: Takedown playthrough, I have a difficult time with some of the events, but manage to grab some headlines in Crash Mode!

FYIG Plays NHL 2003 Part 2 – Les Averman Joins The Team!

The next video in our NHL Hitz 2003 Franchise Mode playthrough brings another familiar Duck to the team as we create Les Averman and play a couple games!

FYIG Plays Burnout 3: Takedown Part 2 – More USA Events/Starting Europe

The next part of our Burnout 3: Takedown playthrough is here! Included in this video is a full Grand Prix and a bunch of Crash Mode. Check out the video right here!

FYIG Plays The Simpsons: Road Rage – Missions 1 Through 8

Today of FYIG Plays we'll be playing the 2001 driving game The Simpsons: Road Rage on the Xbox. I'll take you through most of the missions in the game and show you what I don't really care too much for the game.

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