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Stop Snoring with the first Smart, Non-Invasive Snoring Solution, Nora

TORONTO, ON—Nora is the first smart, non-invasive, snoring solution. Designed in Toronto and San Francisco, Nora is a sleek pebble-shaped device that sits on your bedside table and stops your snoring before your partner wakes up....

MTV Classic to Replace VH1 Classic August 1st

It looks like the demand for nostalgia has hit MTV as Viacom will be replacing VH1 Classic with MTV Classic on August 1st, 35 years to the day that MTV made their first broadcast....

Introducing Red Nose Day 2016

In today's world, there are so many charities and causes out there that some of the best ones get lost in the shuffle. One of those causes is Red Nose Day 2016 and we're...

Dance Moves & Party Songs to Know in 2016

Have you ever stepped into a party scene and felt a little “behind the times”? If so, have no fear! This list will allow you to catch up and be a hit at any...

Facebook Adds Reactions

Facebook has finally unveiled its new reactions to the world expanding on the hugely popular "like" function. Learn more about these new reactions inside. Sammi Krug, Product Manager at Facebook wrote: "Every day, people come to...

The Montréal Canadiens Sing “Let it Go”

Every now and again, you come across a video that you never thought you'd see. I think I found one of those videos today as the Montréal Canadiens perform the hit song Let it Go from...

The Dress That Took Over The World

A single image of a poorly lit dress has blown up the Internet over the past few days and I'm here to offer my take on the situation and see yours. I was sitting there...

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