Alice Pisano drops in on FYIG to chat about her latest single, Boys Like You!
Goldie Vargas has just released her debut EP and she took a few minutes to talk to us about it!
FYIG recently had the chance to chat with actress Malube Uhindu-Gingala about her role in the Apple TV+ medical drama, Five Days at Memorial!
Another fairly vertical level similar to The Lost City. Not sure what the most annoying part of the level is, but we have our fair share of issues.
The Whole Dam Pack brings a pop culture flair with two charismatic guests: musician, actor, fashion icon, and WWE 2K22 Executive Soundtrack Producer Machine Gun Kelly, alongside social media dynamo, boxer, and entrepreneur Logan Paul.
The Urban Decay is in retreat and have retreated to make a stand in Central Park. Griffin must eliminate the remaining threat.
Another running towards the camera level. Also happens to be running from a boulder. Not much else to say on this one. These levels are pretty straightforward, even if they don't leave much room for error.
Paige Warner returns to FYIG to chat about her latest single, "Right Thing" and her upcoming festival tour in Ontario!
Check out our latest interview with comedian Anesti Danelis who has a brand-new spoof on self-help with his musical comedy, "This Show Will Change Your Life."
From the city of sin to the Big Apple. Having made enough money to continue, Griffin pays an informant and learns that a New York gang known as the Urban Decay may be responsible for Madison's abduction. Entering New York, Griffin learns that the Urban Decay are all over the place AND possess nuclear warheads. They must be stopped.