Nintendo's newest Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announces new Fighters, Echo Fighters, stages, music, items and more.
The 8/7/2018 Xbox Store Update features some big deals on Bethesda games across Xbox One and Xbox 360!
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The August 2018 PlayStation Flash Sale is on now and it's a pretty small one. Check out all the deals right now!
The second part of our Jak & Daxter playthrough is here and this one is a bit choppy near the end, but it's worth seeing it to show a couple Power Cells at the end!
The next part of our Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse playthrough is here with the cat-centric level, Pussy Whipped!
I've finally started a playthrough of a game that has eluded me for years, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Check out the full video here!