Sonic returns to the big screen with some old friends. Find out what we thought in our Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Movie) Review!
Time to travel up river. Jumping from logs to leaves and across plants, it could almost be like a game of Frogger!
Last level. Finally. This HAS to be the most annoying game I've played for this channel yet. But now we finally get to stop the Madman. Although to begin, we only know one of our eight objectives.
Morbius is the latest character in the Spider-Man universe to get a movie adaptation but is it a film worth watching?
Probably our most annoying level yet, despite the short run time. One of the levels where instead of making the way to the exit, you are fleeing something that is just as fast as you so if you dawdle too long, you'll get squished.
Another long video. This doesn't cut down very well. But this time it is a lot of recusing and abducting people. Seems like kidnapping scientists and an ambassador aren't really things good guys should be doing, but those are our orders.
Apparently, the global gaming industry is now worth more than $300 billion! That’s a staggering amount of money for an industry that started out as a niche. As a gamer, it’s very interesting to look back on the evolution...
Third level. Another one we aren't able to get everything due to not having crystals/gems. But we do get the hidden area, so that is nice. Mostly a side-scrolling one this time.
Second mission. The madman has deployed multiple SCUD launchers and it is up to your unnamed pilot to seek out the commanders to learn the locations of the launchers to hopefully destroy them.
The second level of the first game. I honestly don't know what to say about this. Does anyone even read these? Really quick level though!