Mark Baer, the son of the legendary ‘Father of Videogames’ will make a rare public presentation about the amazing contributions made by his father when he speaks at the National Videogame Museum on Sunday, January 12.
A little bit of backtracking to show how to get the Artisan flight area opened, then on to the Peace Keepers world. Cannons, purple goop, and mooning soldiers all wait!
We've caught up with Venom! Or rather, he caught up with us then immediately took us on a chase. But we caught him after swinging after him through the city. Will he tell us where Mary Jane is?
Time for the last world in the Artisan's world. This one is in the mouth of a stone dragon apparently. It also happens to include this world's boss. A sheep on stilts. That's right folks. A sheep. On stilts. Surely gaming villains can't get any more devious than this.
Rhino is rampaging at Omnitech! Another piece of tech has been stolen. While recovering that isn't an option, Spidey and Black Cat must stop Rhino. Or rather, Spidey must stop Rhino because Black Cat immediately gets knocked out. And after the battle, Black Cat is taken away. But by whom?
Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to say about this video. One more world attached to the Artisans. This one being Town Square. There are some new enemies, chickens give health, and that's about it.
We just saved J.J.J. and he decides to send the police after Spider-Man! So now Spider-Man must evade the apparently military-grade helicopters that the NYPD have. Seriously, what are the police thinking just shooting rockets at buildings?
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