Take a trip down memory lane with author Brett Weiss as he takes you through every game in the NES library from A-L in volume 1 of The NES Omnibus!
Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time will launch on PlayStation® 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch™. The game will also launch on PC via later this year.
In one of the more fun to explore levels so far, we move on to a new part of Al's Toy Barn that apparently has a small arcade and a laser fight between Zurg and Buzz action figures. Another token goal is a zipline race that took a few attempts. The miniboss Buzz Buggy was... less than enjoyable.
At a crucial time, Microsoft has dropped the ball, leaving space for Playstation to take more ground once more. Is there time to recover?
This is it! It's the final level and a face-off against Rez himself. The concept is fairly straightforward on how to beat him, unfortunately, the actual execution was a bit difficult. But Rez is finally defeated and the credits roll.
Last video before the boss! And fittingly, it is a Rezopolis level. An annoying maze that I cut down from an almost 45 minute video in this one. The second remote was kinda fun to get though!
Quick run-around to get a total of 5 missed shards before it's on to the boss, a giant mech-like thing that eventually transforms into a floating tank. Honestly, getting the shards might have been more annoying.
Finally made it to Al's Toy Barn. After a bit of annoying fun with some rocket boots, we later discover that this is ANOTHER level we will have to come back to in order to 100% the game. But aside from that, lots of moving things to jump around on or try and avoid.
A couple of good Star Wars references seem at odds with this otherwise horror-themed level that honestly was one of the easier ones we have dealt with lately. An odd glitch also happens to cause Gex to stick to a wall backward.
The first level of ShiverStar is, predictably, a nice snowy level. A pretty cute one too. We get 2 out of 3 shards but at least we know where the one we missed is.