We have a new edition of The Magazine Rack featuring the May 2000 issue of Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine featuring games like Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Grandia 2, Fur Fighters, and more!
We are back at the British Embassy in Romania, this time to locate and rescue Dr. Damescu before the Jackal can find and kill her first.
Starting a new video today. StarFox has been called to Corneria to assist the Corneria army in pushing back Andross' forces. Although how a small mercenary group is able to beat back a whole army is beyond me. But that's video game logic for you.
The idols have come to life! And they are... hungry for hot dogs? This level has some wood cutters that have their idols come alive and steal their food. Due to an underwater part, this will (unfortunately) be another level we will have to backtrack to.
In this video, Bond must infiltrate Malprave Industries to find information about Malprave, their possible cloning of Griffin from the last video, and more. This includes photographs and downloading evidence from the main server before escaping.
This is it! Final level! Final Boss! Or rather, bosses. Apparently, we have a few after us. Not too hard though, all things considered. And a satisfying conclusion to a Let's Play that has been going on for almost 4 months.
Today, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs®: Legion’s new expansion, Bloodline, is now available!
The Nintendo Switch family of systems is about to gain a new member. On Oct. 8, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will launch at a suggested retail price of $449.99 CAD, giving people another option for how they want to play the vast library of games on Nintendo Switch.
Everyone has smartphone gripes. While manufacturers have improved their products considerably over the years, there are still many issues that remain completely unresolved.
Dani Kristina returns to FYIG to talk about her latest single, "Gambler" and what's coming up in her career!