On to our second Artisan portal world, Stone Hill. We have some weird goat/bull things, and what appear to be shepherds that are more than willing to whack you with their staff. After chasing an egg thief around for a bit, we have a hard time trying to locate a key to unlock the chest with the final gems.
Scorpion is after Jameson. Spiderman must make it to the Daily Bugle before Scorpion can hurt J.J.J. and save him.
Moving on to our first portal world area attached to the Artisans world is Dark Hollow. A pretty short and sweet area, nothing much to say here. Some new enemy types that flames don't hurt, but other than that, short and simple.
Time for a new video series! This time we are returning to a beloved classic of the late 90s. A little purple dragon named Spyro must save all the other dragons after they have been turned to crystal by Gnasty Gnork.
Time for a brand new game series. This time I'm going back to 2000 and plucking a game out of the PSOne's library. Spider-Man! Looks like a phony spider has stolen a device from Doc Ock and something has been let into the city. But that doesn't matter right now. The bank is being robbed! And they have hostages!
Plastro is on the run and has unleashed his worst weapon/toy of mass destruction ever. Where it came from isn't known, but defeating it is imperative!
The world finally has its hands on the mega-hyped Death Stranding. Does it live up to the excitement or is this package going to be lost in transit?
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